The general rules for the Mechanical Engineering Technical Division of the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia are listed below. These are in accordance with the conditions specified under Article VIII and Section VIIIA and VIIIB of the Constitution and the Bylaws of the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM).
The medium for publications of the technical discussion sessions shall be the Bulletin of the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia or where appropriate the Journal of the IEM.
The Annual General Meeting of registered members shall be held once a year. The agenda of the AGM shall be as follows:
1. Opening Address by the Chairman of Division
2. Confirmation of the previous Minutes of the AGM
3. Matters Arising
4. To receive and adopt the Secretary’s Report and Financial Statement
5. Election of New Officer Bearers
6. Any Other Business
7. Address by Incoming Chairman
The Committee Members of the Division including the Chairman and Deputy Chairman shall be elected at the 1st Annual General Meeting of the Division.
Nomination and Election of Members to serve the various posts in the Division (except the posts of the Chairman and Deputy Chairman mentioned under items 3.2 and 3.3) shall be held at the Annual General Meeting of the Division, and in the form of “show of hands”.
Observers attending the Annual General Meeting would be reminded to abstain from voting.
A quorum of not less than fifteen (15) registered corporate members shall be required. All registered corporate members shall have the right to vote. With the exception of the 1st Annual General Meeting, in the event that the quorum is not reached after one hour of the scheduled time of the Annual General Meeting, the meeting shall be adjourned to seven (7) days later at the same time and place, and whatever number of the registered corporate members present then shall constitute the quorum.
The Committee may also form subcommittees and organising committees to organise the various activities of the Division.
The Division shall organise the following activities as frequently as possible with the view to promote interest and upgrade professional knowledge and practice of mechanical engineering as well as promoting the development of and gaining recognition of the profession in our society:
a. Seminars
b. Forums
c. Social Functions
d. Visits
e. Other Activities
The Division could also hold technical discussion sessions, dialogues with local authorities, manufacturers, consulting engineers and other professional bodies. These technical discussion sessions shall be on topics related to mechanical engineering matters which are of interest or concern to the registered members. The proceedings of these sessions wherever possible are to be recorded to enable the knowledge of mechanical engineering to be disseminated.
The documentation and publications of the discussion sessions are considered an essential part of the activities of the Mechanical Engineering Technical Division.
The Division may also organise courses in Mechanical Engineering for its members.
The Division should meet at least once in every three (3) months with not less than six (6) meetings in a year.
If the Division is found deficient in membership, or to have failed to function in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Institution, or to have conducted its business in such a manner as shall be considered by the Council to be detrimental to the interests of the Institution, the Council of the Institution shall have the power to suspend or disband any Division on sixty days’ notice or, for cause, remove from office at any time any member of the Committee of such Division.
Upon such decision, the Division shall be served with a notice of suspension or dissolution as appropriate. On notice of suspension being received, such Division shall cease all activities in the name of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia until the suspension is resolved by the Council. On receipt of a notice of dissolution, this Division shall take such steps provided for in its Rules to wind up its affairs within three months of the date of such notice or within such extended period as shall be approved by the Council. The Division shall discharge all its debts and liabilities and shall return the remaining funds, if any, to the Institution.